Our Good Dog Story

Our Good Dog Story


Please meet Scarlett and her very energetic Goldendoodle, Kahlo! Like many families, spring of 2020 was an ideal time to welcome a furry addition to our family. The world abruptly came to a temporary stop and we felt like the uninterrupted time at home would allow us to transition Kahlo into our lives. Little did we know that Kahlo was going to be filled with so much personality and so much energy! We quickly realized that Kahlo was extremely treat receptive and he will do anything for that treat!

Scarlett has grown up in my shop, Clothz Minded since she was 4 days old so the entrepreneur spirit is flowing through her veins! She's always thinking about something she can make and sell at Clothz Minded from lemonade and hot chocolate to clay earrings. She's also very creative and you can often find her designing and making clothes for her dolls out of anything she can get her hands on like, latex gloves, paper towels, rubber bands, the list goes on and on! Her designs truly amaze me. My customers have also enjoyed watching her grow up and enjoy watching how much she loves to help at her mom's shop. Scarlett tends to be on the shy side but she really shines and her personality comes out when she's helping our customers at Clothz Minded and at the many pop ups she's had for Good Dog. One day she asked if we could make healthy training treats for Kahlo and sell them at the shop! I thought it was a great idea because we have so many customers who have dogs and love to support Scarlett in her ventures! We started to day dream about one day even having a doggy boutique that fit our own personal aesthetic. 

The effects of covid on my business, Clothz Minded were still lingering on well into 2021 and it just wasn't the best time to put energy or financial energy into another business. I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel early fall of 2021 and one of the most challenging times my business and family has seen was coming to an end and we made it through covid! Little did we know that in a few months I was going to be diagnosed with Breast Cancer and Scarlett and my day dream of starting Good Dog was once again going to be pushed aside. One day I found myself in the hospital for the third time and it was there where I realized I had to find a way to help my daughter start her business. Scarlett is a very selfless person, she's always thinking of others and their feelings and even though I knew she understood that the season our family was in was difficult it broke my heart that my daughter's life was on hold also. Her tennis, lacrosse, ballet and swim lessons all came to an abrupt stop in 2020 and with my diagnosis it continued to be put on hold. As I was in the hospital I had this strong feeling come over me that I had to find away to support my daughter in our dream of having a business together. Tennis, lacrosse, ballet, and swim lessons could all continue if this cancer got the best of me but starting a business together could never be the same for Scarlett as it would be with me. Tomorrow is never promised! So we decided to find away to launch Good Dog.

Now, something that 2020 has taught all small businesses was the power of a strong online presence! Scarlett and I started to curate products that fit our personal aesthetic and vibe that we also envisioned for Good Dog. My business, Clothz Minded is not only focused on fashion but a huge part of our mission is living and supporting others on their sustainable life style journey. So it was very important for both of us to find like minded vendors who focused on eco friendly products and packaging, vendors who you will not find on Amazon. We're also a  mommy daughter team and happy to say that 90% of our vendors are female!  We decided to put our energy into pop ups and concentrate on the Good Dog website, so welcome! We are so excited to have you and honored to have your support!

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Love You guys

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